Our company and mission


Our Mission

To provide high-quality goods through a collaborative effort with people who champion the value of clean water and coastal regions, promote awareness and be a sustainable avenue of advancement for our members.


What we do

To start off, we’re on what we know will be a great adventure.

We’re gearing up to save the world’s water, one shirt at a time. The idea is simple: can you really have enough comfortable t-shirts? We know we can’t, so we’re doing something positive along the way.

Portions of everything we sell will go directly to protecting our beaches, coastlines, and all the critters that call them home.

This is pretty important to us, and we hope it is to you too.

We expect to be different

Here’s what that means to us, and to you. When you buy a shirt from Seaboarder, you’re helping us build a foundation that will help protect our shores. We want our growth to be yours too. That’s why we are looking for people to join our Advisory Board, and why we put decision-making about what we sell in your hands.

So join us, and get involved. We think together we can do something special.