Get to know us, and join us. We think you’ll find we’re more than just a clothing store.

How it started

If you made it this far, you can tell there’s no brilliance here. Our story is pretty simple. Different generations, walks of life, and seemingly nothing in common.

But we share some passions. We both care about creative design, beautiful things that capture the imagination, and doing good. Oh, and of course we need to make a living.

So we started talking about “making a difference,” and immediately the thought of clean water and coastal regions came up. And we decided we’d raise money and design initiatives to further those causes. It was only later that we asked ourselves, “How?”


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How we contribute

5% of all profit is directed to our clean water and coastal initiatives. We’re passionate about making a difference, and hope you will join us. Protecting people and resources. What could be better?

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How indeed. We should sell something and designate percentage of profits to the cause. But what to sell?

This took months of discussion. Obviously, starting with t-shirts was a near-immediate idea. But on the surface it presented challenges, so back and forth we went: we could offer …., what about …., and on and on.

We kept coming back to t-shirts as our concepts became more clear. Briefly, here are some reasons why:

  1. We, personally, can never have enough good t-shirts. We don’t know about you, but the public-facing life-span is brief. We get stains on our shirts, and after a while they become “we wear them at home” shirts.
  2. We like cool, good-looking t’s.
  3. They aren’t – at least they don’t have to be – too expensive.
  4. We are creative people. Are you telling us we can’t design a cool t-shirt?

Wait, isn’t the market flooded?

Yes and no. We decided early on we needed, and wanted, to be different. Here are a few ways we are:

  1. We won’t charge you the 2018 equivalent of $50.00 for a t-shirt. I mean, come on.
  2. We’re putting a percentage of profits directly to good-will projects we believe in, so when you buy something from Seaboarder, you are a champion for clean water and protected coastal regions.
  3. We are building this company in such a way that you, our members, will run it. Check out how.