Let’s talk leadership

One of the things that makes Seaboarder unique is our relationship with customers. We want you to run our business, to provide ideas and insight, determine what products we offer, and lead the company to the future.

And there’s no better place to be involved than our Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board

It’s made up of people like you. Each year you, our members and customers, vote one who will serve. Each term is for twelve (12) months, and a person can serve only once.

The Advisory Board really is the face of Seaboarder, and being a member is both an opportunity and a responsibility.


Each member of the Advisory Board will be involved in the inner-workings of Seaboarder. We like to think it’s a big deal, and because of that, Advisory Board members can expect to

  • Travel to at least one meeting per year (location varies, but is always great)

  • Be recognized on seaboarder.com with photos, biography and quotes

  • Test and keep current and future products

  • Make a difference in our mission for clean water and beaches

And much more!


It’s true we play hard. We also work hard. Advisory Board members

  • Will evaluate customer feedback and lead product-improvement initiatives.

  • Review votes and recommend future products

  • Engage communities as champions of Seaboarder and its initiatives

  • Determine, plan and execute clean water initiatives

  • Create and present a guide incumbent Advisors

And, of course, have a lot of fun, gain valuable experience, and make a difference.

Rules & Guidelines

Get on Board!

Use this form to nominate yourself or someone you would like to see on the Advisory Board.

Read this carefully

Even if you wish to nominate someone other than yourself, complete this form only with your information. For privacy reasons do not send information about another person. If you indicate you wish to nominate someone else, we will reach out to you and guide you through the steps to ensure that person is willing.

You may also simply encourage the person you’d like to nominate to complete this form.

If you have questions, contact us before completing this form.